Équipements servant à la fabrication de palettes de bois

Equipments for the manufacturing of wooden pallets (stringers and blocks)

Système d'assemblage de palettes de bois automatisé avec empileur intégré BOL-250

Automated system for nailing and assembling wooden pallets.

Possibility of making 2 pallets of the same size during the same operation.

Our nailer can also used recycled wood,but components must be sorted in order of thickness and width.

Automatic pallet stacker system included with 18 'long side exit conveyor including 9' of this motorized conveyor. (Conveyor exit left or right determined.)
Automated and motorized system for automatically adjusting the width of the pallet from inside the frame of the revolving door.


// Capacity

  • Wood pallet manufacturing from 2 to 6 Stringers.
  • The thickness of the pallet may vary from 4 "to 7".
  • Pallet construction from 40 "to 108" wide (board) and 32 "to 62" in length ( Stringer ).

// Specifications

Electrical Requirements
Voltage : 600 Volts 

Air Requirements
30 SCFM @ 120 psi


// Advantages

  • Versatility and rapidity  of production.
  • Adaptability to your specifications.
  • Simple, quick and easy to install.
  • Easy to use with minimal effort by the operator, improving productivity, efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Increased pallet quality (strength and appearance).
  • No handling of the pallets after assembly.
  • PLC control that maximizes versatility, safety and reliability.
  • Minimum floor space for the operator's work, circulation around the equipment as well as for the layout of the raw material.
  • The side exit conveyor  (right or left) of the stacker allows you an easy installation in reducing any loss of space.

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