Equipments for the manufacturing of wooden pallets (stringers and blocks)

Automatic nailer and pallet stacker assembly system (Horizontal model)

Our new automated horizontal pallet assembly system offer you a high level of pallet production and an excellent manufacturing quality products. The new system of horizontal nailing allows you to make standard size pallets and off standard ranging in size from 28 "to 60'' in width and up to 14' in length . We add our unique rotation system to this nailing equipment to increase productivity performance. Fast change of jigs system which eliminates wasted time. From the beginning of manufacturing pallets, its stacking, the stacked pallets output, this piece of equipment will allow your company to produce 1 to 6 pallets during the same operation using only  two operators.


// Specifications

Power supply
Voltage: 575 VAC

Requirements air pressure
40 CFM @ 110 psi


// Advantages

  • Ability to use different types of wood
  • Side exit stacker allows the installation of our nailing system in a narrow space of your plant.
  • Minimum maintenance and robust design.
  • Ergonomic that requires a minimum effort by the operators.
  • Adaptable to your needs and specifications.
  • Quick and simple to use

Our excellent after-sales service and our ongoing technical support, offers a strong commitment to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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